Industry: Oil, Gas & Energy
Career: Midcareer
Category: Engineering
Work Experience: 5 - 10 years
Location: Muscat, Oman
Contract: Permanent
Job Description


Oversees the various stages of project execution, acting as the liaison between customer, project team and suppliers, ensuring the project is on budget and schedule and adheres to the customer’s contractual requirements and satisfaction. 
- Ensuring a project adheres to the project budget, schedule, contract requirements and timely escalation to Project Manager in case of deviations on budget, planning, and contractual requirements
- Identify and manage scope changes in all project contracts, timely prepare quotations related to variation to scope
- Ensuring all relevant safety objectives, industry regulations and legal requirements are met for the project, and are forwarded to suppliers and subcontractors
- Manage engineering package, ensuring this adheres to client specifications and supply chain capabilities to fulfill on time procurement.
- Working closely together and coordinating with various interdisciplinary team members to ensure correct project execution.
- Acting as main contact person for project related issues for client, (sub)suppliers and project team.
- Ensuring the Specification Management Sheet (SMS), planning and Master Document Schedule (MDS) are kept up-to-date.
- Ensure that Suppliers and Document Control are correctly informed on how to prepare / deliver Project Final Dossiers
- If applicable, undertake (final) negotiations with suppliers on new or revised purchase orders under supervision of Project Manager.
- Work according to applicable QMS procedures.
- Ensuring an adequate knowledge level is maintained in the field of expertise. Developing knowledge and skills to be able to address current and future project and market demands.

- Project o Initiating the Project Execution Plan (PEP).

  • Initiating the project planning, MDS, and if applicable the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) in cooperation with those relevant and keeping these up-to-date.
  • Initiating processing of all relevant project documentation.
  • Detecting project non-conformities and initiating non-conformity reports.
  • Reporting project progress regularly to both internal and external customers.
  • Providing input for the internal close-out meeting to the QS Engineer.
  • Processing extra work according to the applicable QMS procedures.
- Engineering and design 
  • Coordinating Inter-Disciplinary Check (IDC), processing and sending documents to customer and suppliers in cooperation with the Project Assistant, according to contract.
  • Ensuring ‘as built’ documentation requirements are met, communicating these to discipline engineers and suppliers & sub-contractors.
  • In cooperation with discipline engineers issue technical deviation / change requests to Client o If applicable, preparing engineering package in accordance with commercially available materials and components and adhering to the applicable legal requirements and customer specifications, within a multidisciplinary team.
  • If applicable, initiating engineering orders.
  • If applicable, providing component information from suppliers to engineering. o If applicable, handing engineering documents over to engineers of relevant discipline for ‘inter-discipline check’.
  • If applicable, managing external engineering company with regard to purchase order, planning and budget.
- Purchasing o Follow up procurement strategy as determined with Project Manager and if applicable Supply Chain Engineer, and report progress to Project Manager. 
  • Preparing requisitions and sending out enquiries based on engineering package.
  • Reviewing quotations on compliance with contractual requirements, project planning and budget, placing supplier quotations on Internal Disciplinary Check (IDC) as per QMS requirements and selecting quotations. Updating requisition if necessary.
  • Initiating, preparing and reviewing purchase orders. Notifying rejected suppliers.
  • Evaluating supplier (or assisting QC inspector in this) at internal project close-out.
  • Purchase order management, if applicable in cooperation with Expediter and Logistic Coordinator. 
- Construction 
  • If required, drawing up a HSE plan for the project, in accordance with project requirements.
  • If required, initiating and preparing a work-start meeting with relevant (shop) engineers/contractors
  • Monitoring fabrication and construction progress. o If applicable, informing Service Manager on requirements and planning for Construction Supervisor / Commissioning Engineer 
- Inspection 
  • Initiating inspections in consultation with QC Inspector.
  • Initiating pre-inspection meetings in cooperation with those relevant.
  • Following up inspection reports in consultation with QC Inspector.
  • In consultation with QC inspector arrange equipment release note.
- Delivery 
  • Arranging packing and initiating preparation of transport, including shipping documents, if applicable in consultation with Logistic Coordinator.
  • Arranging the (Inspection) release note from client in consultation with QC inspector 

Seniority levels 

  • Jr. Project Engineer: Executes tasks as instructed by Project Engineer / Project Manager
  • Project Engineer: Autonomously executes (part of) project, depending on project size and number of project team members –in case of a single Project Engineer working on a project, the Project Engineer autonomously executes all Project Engineering tasks 
Sr. Project Engineer: Ability to take constraints of other departments into consideration. Having knowledge and being able to take into account commercial and technical constraints of supply chain, construction, and available materials, as well as market development in field of expertise. Mentoring others in the field of expertise
Tasks & responsibilities with regard to HSE 
  • Taking training courses and participating in safety toolbox meetings. 
  • Using protections. 
  • Cooperating on safety improvement. 
  • Reporting alarming danger, accidents and incidents. Authorities with regard to HSE 
  • Entitled to stop working in case of an acute serious safety threat, notifying the manager and relevant others of this. 
Per seniority level 
  • Jr. Project Engineer: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering and technology, or equivalent. 
  • Project Engineer: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent, with 4-12 years of relevant work experience 
  • Sr. Project Engineer: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent, with at least 12 years of relevant experience. 
Other requirements 
  • VCA-VOL.
  • Ability to speak and write English at a professional level.
  • The educational requirements may not be applicable if the applicant has acquired an equivalent level through experience. 
  • Appointment to the next seniority level is decided by Management and not automatically given.

Contact person
Fatima-Zohra Aidani
P: 0031624921797