Recruitment & Selection
Professionals, trainees and interns during studies

ARTICLE 1 – General

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions are filed with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce
under number 34393994.

1.2 The following definitions apply in these General Terms and Conditions:

a. Client: every natural or legal person to which MGR provides its recruitment and
selection services
b. MGR: MENA Global Recruitment, registered at Jan de Jonghstraat 89,
1063 MB Amsterdam, user of these General Terms and Conditions.

c. Parties: the candidate and MGR.

d. Services/work: recruitment and selection of candidates worldwide for companies
registered in the MENA countries (Middle East – North Africa).

e. Candidates: professionals, trainees and interns during studies to whom MGR
provides its placement services (free of charge)

ARTICLE 2 – Application

These General Terms and Conditions apply for all candidates for which MGR provides placement and support services for obtaining a job, traineeship or internship placements with its clients in the MENA countries.

ARTICLE 3 – Confidentiality

3.1 MGR undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of all information received from the
candidate that it can assume to be of a confidential nature.

3.2 MGR shall send information on the candidate, such as his or her curriculum vitae, to its
clients with notification of this and with the candidate’s approval.

3.3 It is assumed that all information provided to MGR by the candidate is entirely truthful.

3.4 The candidate is expected to notify MGR of all changes or additions to the information
provided, for the best possible search for a suitable job, traineeship or internship placement.

3.5 The candidate must treat information on the client, such as the company name, job profile
and other business information, in confidence and may not disclose this to third parties.

ARTICLE 4 – Non-discrimination

All candidates have equal opportunities in the recruitment & selection work of MGR, regardless of
age, gender, marital status, sexuality, faith or belief, political choice, race, ethnic origins or
nationality, without prejudice to the objective and realistic job requirements, and provided that the
candidate complies with the order requirements in principle.

ARTICLE 5 – Liability and Penalty Clause

5.1 MGR will make efforts to offer its candidates a wide range of vacancies at its clients. MGR
will aim for a good match between the client and the candidate.

5.2 MGR provides its placement services to its candidates free of charge. Candidates are
expected to show integrity in relation to MGR and to cooperate if additional information is
required regarding their profiles.

5.3 MGR accepts no liability if the job or the client are not satisfactory.

5.4 MGR is not responsible for the content of contracts with the client, or for the remuneration
and employee benefits.

5.5 A candidate who cancels a contract with the client within a month of the commencement
date is expected to notify MGR of the reasons in advance.

5.6 If a candidate enters into a contract with the client within 12 months of being introduced to
the client by MGR, after withdrawal of the order or otherwise, without notifying MGR, a
penalty of €3,500, exclusive of VAT, applies. The same applies with regard to the contracting
of an agreement via third parties in any way, for any position at the client or at an affiliated

ARTICLE 6 – Choice of Jurisdiction and Disputes

6.1 These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law only.

6.2 Every dispute arising between the parties shall be submitted to the competent court in
MGR’s place of establishment.

6.3 The parties shall not take legal action until they have made every effort to settle a dispute by
agreement out of court.

ARTICLE 7 – Final provisions

7.1 If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are declared inapplicable by
a court, the other provisions retain their legal force in full.

7.2 These General Terms and Conditions remain in effect if MGR changes its name, legal form or
owner, partially or in full.